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Gunsmithing by Curtis Higgins

H&K Gunsmithing Services – Updated 10/1/2020

S&H has long been considered one of the premier H&K gunsmithing shops. When Kent Lomont needs work done, he calls S&H. There is virtually nothing that we cannot do, or that we did not introduce to the market, on your H&K system. Except 51’s. Life is too short to work on something H&K gave up on.

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3 Lug barrel attachmentCall for Price
3 Lug barrel conversion with thread pattern of your choiceCall for Price
Paddle Clip ReleaseCall for Price
Sling eyesCall for Price
Stamping of ModelCall for Price
RefinishCall for Price
Bolt carrier welded with aerospace hardface and cut for searCall for Price
Install registered sear in burst housingCall for Price
H&K 93 to 53 conversionCall for Price
H&K 94 to MP5 conversionCall for Price
H&K 94 to SD Model ConversionCall for Price
H&K 91 to G3 conversionCall for Price
Installation of FNC searCall for Price